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About Us
PAL Express is located near the Tan Son Nhat Airport of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), Vietnam.
Incorporated as a fully licensed Full-Service Logistics company, we combine our experiences and knowledge to serve you better.

PAL Express offers overall cost savings and efficient supply-chain strategies tailor-made to meet our customer's changing demands. Good Customer Satisfaction has been our focus since our inception.

With our team of Freight and Logistics specialists, PAL Express provides our customers with an unique array of services ranging from packing of Garment-On-Hangers (G.O.H) boxes and repackaging for General Department Store cargoes to “just–in–time” supply-chain solutions.

Always count on PAL Express to work with you and most importantly PAL Express work for you. We are always coming up with innovative,efficient, and cost-effective ways to meet your global transportation requirements.

All clients will be accorded with the highest level of professional service available from PAL Express.

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6 Tra Khuc Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District Rolex, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Tel: + 84.8.54490836 - Fax: + 84.8.54490838

Thiet ke nha

Thiet ke nha dep

Mau thiet ke nha dep

Cong ty thiet ke nha

Mau thiet ke nha

nha dep

Mau thiet ke nha dep o sai gon

Mau thiet ke nha o tp hcm

Cong ty thiet ke nha sai gon

Thiet ke nha dep o tan phu

Thiet ke nha o binh thanh

Nha pho dep

Biet thu dep

Thiet ke noi that

Nem dep gia re o tp hcm

Tu sat gia re

Giuong sat gia re

Vong xep gia re

Dem dep gia re tai TP HCM

Nem cao su gia re

Nem bong ep,Nem gap gia tot

Ruot goi gia re tai tp hcm

Thiet ke nha xuong